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Paradise Found...in your own backyard.

Consultation: Listening and Learning

Custom Swimming Pool Austin

Everyone has their own vision of paradise. Our consultation is where we discover yours. We desire to create a waterscape that is unique and one of a kind.

Whether your version of a backyard paradise is the perfect place for you to exercise, entertain or just escape, we’ll gather all we need to know to create a waterscape that meets all your needs. We will need a site plan of your lot, illustrating your home with setbacks, easements, sidewalks and terrain, so we can put together a design that perfectly integrates with your property, your lifestyle and your dreams.

Design: Detailing Your Dreams

Design is where the magic begins-we start to turn your dreams of paradise into your own backyard reality. First, we scan and trace your site plan into our computer design system, so we are aware of any utility easements, building lines or setbacks. Then, using our leading - edge 3D pool design software from Pool Studio, we put our experience and expertise to work. Following your list of desires, we design your backyard dream - a pool that is beautiful, looks like it belongs and is engineered to be long-lasting.

Once we’re wowed by it, it’s ready to present to you-we give you a virtual tour of your proposed paradise, complete with elevation changes and other additional features of the waterscape. Now you can really begin to visualize what it will look like, how it will all work together and how fabulous living with your pool will be! At this stage, things can be modified and details can be tweaked to insure your project is exactly what you want.

Design and costs are finalized, and excitement builds as we approach the next phase-which is literally earth-moving!

Come visit our new showroom where you can talk with us,
plus see tile and features samples to get ideas to start your backyard paradise!

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