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Construction: Creating the Reality

Custom Swimming Pool Austin

This is it—where your ideas become actualities. But without superior quality construction, your waterscape can be nothing more than a gorgeously designed frustration factory. Paradise Pools & Spas has been in business for over a quarter-century because top quality is our top priority. We know and have worked alongside every person involved in the construction of your pool; our specifications meet or exceed industry standards; and we guarantee your pool’s structure and your satisfaction.

Our construction process typically takes 60-90 days, and we do whatever possible to minimize disturbances to your property, your schedule or your lifestyle.

We develop and manage the whole project start to finish, keeping it all as hassle-free as possible for you and your family.

Our Construction Process

  1. Design
    Good pool design is a marriage of beauty and functionality. Just about any salesperson can give you a pretty picture but it takes someone with experience, expertise and vision to provide you with a gorgeous waterscape that works. Here in Central Texas, the pool site is rarely level—we encounter plenty of hills and sloping terrain—so Paradise Pools’ 3D renderings incorporate not only your desires, but also your land topography, drainage requirements and budget.
  2. Permitting
    Once the design is settled, we will pursue all necessary city or local permits, and will supply your homeowners’ association with any needed documentation.
  3. Layout
    We use design and construction drawings to paint the outline of your pool onto the ground. This is a prime opportunity to see the actual size, shape and location of your pool, and make sure it’s exactly what you want.
  4. Excavation
    We get down to business—dirty, loud business—as we excavate grass, soil and sometimes rock to ready the site for construction. We clean up once we’re done, though we might leave some material at the jobsite for later use.
  5. Forming and Steel
    We use lumber and steel reinforcements to create your pool’s framework for the shotcrete process. Steel installation will vary according to pool size and soil condition.
  6. Shotcrete
    We pneumatically apply the concrete to your pool forms via high-pressure hoses, providing your first peek at your paradise to come. This dramatic process may be worth missing a few hours of work to witness.
  7. Equipment
    We install all the equipment on a concrete pad we’ve poured, then connect the equipment to the pool plumbing, pressure test it and complete wiring.
  8. Tile & Coping
    We install the tile and coping you selected previously to reflect your style preference. There are dozens of choices for both tile—like natural stone, ceramic—and coping—such as flagstone, poured concrete, and brick—to achieve the look and feel you’re going for.
  9. Masonry
    Our masons are part artist, part magician. They take a pile of rocks and turn them into a masterpiece of waterfalls, raised beams and grottos, all uniquely yours.
  10. Decking
    We install the decking you chose previously to surround your pool. Again, there are many selections—from flagstone to Sundek to concrete with integral color or patterned concrete.
  11. Interior
    We apply the inside surface of your pool, whether you’ve chosen plaster (cement + marble dust) quartz (cement +quartz particles) or pebble (cement + small, colored pebbles). All interior finishes cure under water, so we begin to fill the pool as soon as we complete the application.
  12. Start Up & Pool School
    Once your pool is full, we start up the equipment, balance the water chemistry, and begin to clean the water and cure the finish. You must brush the interior surface for several days to get it cured just right. Then we’ll meet for “pool school”—so you will know how to chemically balance your water and confidently operate your equipment.

Additions: Completing the Picture

More often than not, our clients’ vision of their dreamy retreat involves more than just a swimming pool. Most people spend more time living by the pool than in it, so we offer all you need to make your backyard paradise complete.

In addition to your perfect pool, we can design and construct your custom:

  • • Spa
  • • Water features
  • • Outdoor kitchen
  • • Deck
  • • Landscaping
  • • Outdoor living area
  • • Cabana
  • • Gazebo
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